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Jennifer Lopez Videos

 Jennifer Lopez Gets Touchy On Stage  Lehren | (1:05) Comments l 58 Votes

 Jennifer Lopez Teases BOOTY Cover Art  Lehren | (1:00) Comments l 606 Votes

 Jennifer Lopez On The Sets Of Live It Up  Lehren | (01:42) Comments l 452 Votes

Jennifer Lopez:
Jennifer Lopez: "Feel the Light" - AMERICAN IDOL XIV  YouTube (3:49) Comments l 13 Votes

Jennifer Lopez Videos
Jennifer Lopez  ( Comments l 1 Votes

jennifer lopez Videos
jennifer lopez (4:12) Comments l 1 Votes

Jennifer Lopez Bares All! Videos
Jennifer Lopez Bares All!  YouTube (15:56) Comments l 26 Votes

Jennifer Lopez on Love, Motherhood and A.K.A. Videos
Jennifer Lopez on Love, Motherhood and A.K.A.  YouTube (15:46) Comments l 118 Votes

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