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 Jay Z And Beyonce Copy Kanye West  Lehren | (0:51) Comments l 276 Votes

 Beyonce And Jay Z Strong As Ever | (0:53) Comments l 371 Votes

 Beyonce Dances With Jay Z After His Concert  Lehren | (00:51) Comments l 468 Votes

London Brown: Jay-Z Videos
London Brown: Jay-Z  Comedy Time (02:21) Comments l 195 Votes

Solange Attacks Jay Z Videos
Solange Attacks Jay Z  Lehren (04:47) Comments l 24 Votes

Jay-Z Performs Carnegie Videos
Jay-Z Performs Carnegie  MES (01:17) Comments l 117 Votes

Jay Z And Beyonce Videos
Jay Z And Beyonce  VHunt (01:01) Comments l 2 Votes

Will Beyonce Divorce Jay Z Videos
Will Beyonce Divorce Jay Z  Lehren (01:26) Comments l 405 Votes

Top 10 Jay-Z Songs Videos
Top 10 Jay-Z Songs  Watchmojo (13:14) Comments l 2624 Votes

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